Happens all the time, right?

One time, i was using a public restroom in a hotel and I accidentally broke a pipe because my foot hit it. Suddenly there was water flooding everywhere. I ran away.

Talk about a memorable bathroom experience.

I gave birth in a public restroom... I felt bad for the people in the stalls next to me.

Alcohol makes you do strange things.

One time I was so drunk I fall asleep sitting on a public bathroom while taking a pee

Sounds like quite the ordeal.

I was just in a public restroom and some guy sounded like he was giving birth. He could not have been any louder!

Oh no.

One time I used a public restroom & was squatting over the toilet. When I started to pee it ran down my legs &   all over the back of my pants missing the toilet.

When you gotta go, you gotta go...

One time when I was a teenager I had to poop. I don't like public restroom stalls, but the dressing room had full length doors and was a lot more private. You can guess what happened next...