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Couples Tell All: We've Been Trying To Get Pregnant For YEARS, But Haven't
What do couples go through when they've been trying to get pregnant for years and it's just not happening? While some people seem to get pregnant at the drop of a hat, there are other couples who go through years of struggling with no hope of having a baby. These couples have faced years of disappointment when it comes to starting a family. Discover their stories in these heartbreaking confessions.

Pregnancy can take longer than you think.

I get so ticked off when ladies complain about it taking 2-3 months to get pregnant. I just find it insensitive to us ladies with infertility trying for years..

Other people make the situation so much worse.

I have been trying to get pregnant for years without luck yet people still ask why I haven't had any kids. 😡

Please be understanding.

I hate it when my husbands family goes on about when we are going to have kids & how we are getting older. We've been trying for years & can't seem to get pregnant & each time you ask it's like throwing that in my face... It hurts so badly...

The hope is still there.

I've wanted to have a baby for years but haven't been able to get pregnant I got my tarot cards read this week and she said I was going to have a little boy.. I hope she's right..

Everyone is different.

Been trying to get pregnant for years. Doctors said I probably can't. My best friend had the same problems with fertility. She's pregnant now. I'm heartbroken. #infertility

Everyone else seems to get pregnant so easily.

I'm 24 and have PCOS. I've  tried for years to get pregnant but continue to fail. I get so angry when I see parents that have no business having kids.