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Teens Confess: I Had Sex Once And Got Pregnant
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My online boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months and we met for the first time last month. We had sex once, and I'm pregnant. I'm only 17! He's ready and I'm not.

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.

I have a child with a man and I'm a full on lesbian... I was curious so we had sex once and I got pregnant.

Very uneventful.

I had sex once for 6 minutes with no orgasm and got pregnant.

The repercussions are a lot to handle.

I had sex once and got pregnant off of it. I had a natural abortion (induced miscarriage) and feel awful. I have an appointment to get on birth control this Monday.

People are so quick to judge.

I'm 16 and pregnant. 
I'm not a slut, I only had "sex" once. It's not my fault, I didn't want it. 
But I do want this baby.

How would you approach it?

I briefly dated a guy and we had sex once and then he ghosted me for a month. We’re back to talking (friends only). I just found out I was pregnant because I had a miscarriage. Do I tell him?