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OMG Confessions From Women Who Don't Like Receiving Oral
"There's plenty of other things we can do"

The reason I hate receiving oral is because after my first boyfriend ate me out, he threw up. 😒
I hate when anyone goes down on me. I'd much rather get him off with a bj and then fall asleep.
I actually don't like receiving oral from my boyfriend or anyone I've ever had sex with. People think I'm weird because of it.
I'm a girl and I hate receiving oral because guys are bad at it. They think they're good, but girls need to stop lying. It's so unenjoyable most times.
I don't like receiving oral sex, and no its not because "I haven't had it done right" its because I don't like it.
I hate when my bf goes down on me. He goes over "the area" too lightly, which tickles, which I can't stand, but I don't want to hurt his feelings. So glad he doesn't do it very often to begin with.