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Find Out Why These Couples Sleep In Separate Bedrooms
Is a couple sleeping apart at night always a sign of trouble in the relationship? While society tells us that happy couples go to sleep on the same bed at night, is that always the case? Take a look inside the bedrooms of these individuals as they reveal the personal reasons why they don't sleep together. Here's why it works for some and doesn't work for others in these eye-opening confessions.

To each their own.

My husband and I sleep in separate bedrooms.
My boyfriend and I sleep together.
Seems weird, but it works.
(I'm poly.)

While it's a struggle for some couples...

My husband and I sleep in different bedrooms. I like my space but miss intimacy and emotional connection.

Intimacy isn't always lost.

My husband and I sleep in separate bedrooms.

Our marriage and sex life has never been so amazing.

Things seem to be falling apart.

I am separated from my wife. We sleep in separate bedrooms but are not divorced because of the kids. She just doesn't understand me.

That's awful.

My husband and I have to sleep in separate bedrooms because he hits me in his sleep. He's the most gentle person when he's awake and aware, but he scares me when he's asleep.

Quality sleep comes first.

My husband and I sleep in different bedrooms because he snores. 

It pissed him off, but he won't do anything about his problem.