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These Home Wreckers Have No Shame When It Comes To Ruining Marriages
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Some people take pride in it.

I know it's wrong but I love the fact that I'm a home wrecker

You're at peace with it.

I broke up a marriage, dated the person for a few years and ended up leaving.
Now we’re both with different people.
Life is about learning, it’s ok to have a story.
 I’m completely alright with that.

Everything is a choice.

They say I'm a home wrecker
But hey...
It takes a brick to build a home

There's always someone waiting in the sidelines.

I'm a home wrecker and proud of it.  Hide your husband's.. If you're not going to pleasure him I will =)

You actively seek it.

I'm a home wrecker by choice.

I deliberately sleep with married men and then I tell their wives.

You can't help how you feel.

I'm a home wrecker I've been sleeping with a woman for the past 4 months behind her wife's back. And idgaf. I love her.