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The Most OMG Things Parents Have Done At Their Child's Wedding
No more champagne for Mom and Dad.

My mom in law married twice. At my wedding, she tried to change things because "This Was Her Only Wedding". She told us she knew better and went behind our backs to fix our "Low Class Wedding".
My mom has always 
Stolen the attention off of me
Ever since I was a kid even at
My wedding she pretended to choke on a piece of food just so people would 
Look at her instead of me
At my wedding my mom tried to talk me into leaving before i literally walked down the aisle. I wish I did leave.
Love my mom but on my wedding day she wanted to make it old school. To defy her bitchy controlling ways i  made out and felt up my wife at the alter. Everyone clapped and whistled, she stormed out😂😆
My dad disinherited me yesterday, at my wedding.
My mom didn't tear up when I bought my wedding dress. 
She told me I had back cleavage instead.