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19 Secrets From Shady People Who Openly Admit To Breaking Up A Marriage
What goes through someone's mind when they learn they've led to the demise of another couple's marriage? These 19 people admit that they have broken up marriages through their scandalous actions. Do they feel any remorse? Find out in these shocking confessions.

It's not like you were planning on breaking up a marriage.

I broke up a marriage. Even though his wife is awful, I didn't want this to happen.

You fill a void.

I broke up a marriage. He was not enough for her so I fill that spot

You never know who it could be.

I'm knocked up by a man who is married to someone I used to be besties with, I broke up their marriage. Homewrecking at its finest.

It's not that you don't feel bad.

I found out today that I broke up a marriage. I didn't know the man I was seeing was married. I feel so awful.

They lied to you.

I found out that I broke up somebody's marriage. He told me he and his wife were in an open relationship... They were not. I hate him for being part of the negative stigma for open relationships.

It's complicated.

I broke up a marriage to make my ex jealous, moved my current gf and her kids in, she's in love...I feel nothing for her, I have feelings for someone else...