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Is A Slow Thyroid The Cause Of All Your Issues? See If You Relate To These Symptoms
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My hair is falling out in excessive amounts due to my bipolar medication and the thyroid problem I've acquired as a side effect of it. 
I'm 20 years old and I'm getting bald spots.
Just got a blood test and found out my depression and constant lethargy are likely due to a thyroid problem. I might need surgery, but I don't care. I finally have hope.
I got my blood test results today and the doc said i can come off of my thyroid medication...and that everything is finally balanced. I feel free for the first time.
I recently found out that gluten is causing me to have severe thyroid issues. I hate how everyone thinks I'm doing this to be "trendy".
It's very hard for me to lose weight because of my thyroid problem. I feel like every time I make a little progress my thyroid just fucks it up.
If your fiancé recently found out she had a thyroid disorder and could potentially gain a lot of weight, would you stay with her?