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18 Workaholics Reveal Why Their Job Makes Them Happier Than Ever
We all need to work to survive. It's truly expensive just to live these days! If you're at least in your twenties, there's a solid chance you had your share of jobs at this point. Some jobs may have made you want to pull your hair out and cry while others were the highlight of your youth. Not all jobs are created equal, that's for sure. These confessions will remind you that going to work doesn't have to be a miserable time. They will also prove that some people enjoy jobs that many people would never dare to do! We all have our preferences.

Happiest place on earth is no joke!

Working at Disney Land was my best job thus far. I lost my v card to a drunk dad who was single...it was great.


I’m a pet nanny right now. It’s the greatest job ever. I get PAID to hang out & play with everything from lizards to horses with no personal expense!

Quite the transition.

I left teaching because I was a sex addict and felt it was inappropriate to do the job. Now I'm a stripper/escort. I'm pretty sure i have the best job ever.

Not many people can claim this occupation!

Doing bird surveys through beautiful old forests in the Scottish Highlands was my dream job come true. What an amazing period of my life.

Giving can be so rewarding.

My job is rough. Physically demanding beyond words. But caring for seniors with dementia and alzheimers has been the best job I could ever get ♡ even if they don't remember me the next shift 😊

Everyone changes their mind at one point.

As a kid I thought drugs were the stupidest thing on the planet and that I was way better than that.
Now at 18, I've become the stereotypical stoner theater worker and I love it! LOL. Best job in the world!