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18 People Who Shockingly Lied Under Oath
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One thing after the next.

I caught my ex screwing my friend and then lied in court under oath about everything...

The options weren't great but...

I dislike my father but I lied in court so he could get custody of my little brother. Sadly he is the lesser of two evils.

It's a moment that haunts you.

I lied in court.. to get my daughter back faster.... and now it's catching up with me...

It worked.

I lied in court and got out of a $392 traffic ticket.

Doing what you felt was right.

I lied in court to help my neighbor get custody of his kids.  From the mother. Glad now I did. When they visit her she abuses them mentally and physically. Her visitation is now supervised.

It just happened.

When I was 12, I lied in court to get my mom out of a $450 ticket because I wasn't buckled up. No one told me to, I just did it