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20 Addicts Confess The Real Ways They Stay Sober
Whatever it takes.

Hitting the gym was the first thing I did to help myself stay sober. 

Now,  I am strong,  and I am sober:)
I try to remember how bad withdrawals feel to stay sober
Tomorrow makes 9 months sober. Yet, being clean seems to be the hardest thing lately. 

Kinda glad I'm on probation, gives me a reason to stay sober.
I'm a recovering meth addict. I found out I was pregnant the month after I got sober and I just had my baby a month ago. I've been craving so bad but I need to stay sober for my daughter.
The only way to stay sober is to not be around alcohol, I have no self control
Trying to stay sober results in me doing shit like jumping out of planes.
My cat helps me stay sober
Not leaving the house helps me stay sober.
What really helps me stay clean and stay alive is knowing that one day I'll be a year clean or two or three etc and one day I'll be able to say to myself "I did it. I made it. I survived."
When I have the urge to cut  I either write or read to help me stay clean. Sounds ordinary, but for some reason it helps.
My neighbor been sober 23 years.

If that Is not motivation I don't know what is.
4 years sober today! 

My daughter saved my life. If it wasn't for her being born, I would have never had the motivation to get clean. She's my angel.
Just found out the girl I used to share a cell with in prison died from a heroin overdose.
I've never been more determined to stay clean
I'm really tired of people judging me for smoking e-cigs. 1) it's none of your business what I do with my life. 2) I'm doing to stay clean from meth.
My father died from alcoholism when I was 4 and my mother is an addict. 
I am an alcoholic.
I want to stay clean for my family.
My boyfriend gave me a letter in elvish; for every day I'm clean, I get a word. If I see him that day, I get two... fun way to stay clean... it's been 5 days now.
I have been a year and a half sober from cutting. I owe it all to my job for helping me stop
I fill wine glasses with cranberry juice when I get the urge to drink. It somehow works to trick my mind. 7 months sober.
I was sober for a year before I relapsed. 
But when I did I hated it. 
Now I don't feel the urge to do it anymore. 
I feel free.
I'm always a little afraid that I'll tell him how I feel whenever
I get drunk. Guess
it's a good reason to stay sober.


Recovering Addicts Divulge What It's Like To Stay Sober