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17 Creepy Things People Do When They Have Crushes
The word "crush" is just so fitting for liking someone. It seriously crushes you, both your emotions and your sanity. In the age of social media, where most people have their lives on blast, it's easier than ever to learn all the details you could ever want to know about your potential future love. We're basically just a generation of creeps.

You know all their relatives, even if you've never met them.

Last night i went out on a date with this guy. I stalked him a little bit before. 
Date: My sister....
Me: Sasha or Gabby?
FML -.-

You memorize their birthday.

I forgot his birthday date, but I've started adoring him so much I google stalked him to find out so I can surprise him on his birthday, because I'm too damn caring of a person. :(

You start taking detours...

I'm such a creeper when I have a crush. I sorta took the long way home so I could drive by him.-.

You plan out your entire future...

When I have a crush on a guy...I plan out our first date, proposal, wedding, and our kids names.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this!
I had my first date with my potential boy friend today and accidentally hummed the wedding theme all the way through.

...Even when you've never actually spoken.

I met a guy today.
I already had planned our first date, first time having sex, and our first fight. We haven't spoken a word. I'm totally doing this right.

You become incapable of human speech.

Me: *wants to say hey to my crush but words never come out so I just laugh like a creeper*

You make sure their last name works with yours.

I used to imagine my first name with the last name of every crush I had. Just to see if it would sound right.

You do extensive zodiac research to be sure you're compatible.

When I have a crush on someone I like to do as much research on their zodiac sign as I can.

You scroll ALL the way back.

I was stalking my crush on instagram and I accidentally liked his photo 56 weeks ago. 

You keep every conversation you've had with them, ever.

I have 451 screenshots of conversations between my crush and I.... I'm a creep
Sometimes I reread my conversations with my crush and smile like a creep.

You find ways to live out your fantasy.

When I have a crush on a girl, I make a Sims game with us as neighbors.  It's awfully therapeutic
i have an imaginary relationship with a guy in my class i only say hi to

You keep them close for comfort.

I have a picture of my crush as my phone wallpaper 

I'm a creep

You just KNOW it's love...

Just went on our first date.
I already know I love her
Have you ever just met someone & realize "wow I really enjoy talking and being around you" but realize it's only been 3 days & you feel crazy 😔

...before even going on a date.

We have talked for two months but haven't had our first date and I already want to ask you: "Will you marry me?"
So I just met this guy in a grocery store. We stare at each other for few secs and now it haunts me bc there's no chance I'd ever meet him again but I'm already in love lol haha what is lifee

You know things about their life before they do.

I creep on my crush so hard that I knew his old college roommate was moving before he did. 

When he told me an hour ago I almost said "at least where he'll be living is nice." XD


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