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These Couples Know They'll Break Up Soon. Here's Why They Stay Together Now
Most relationships are doomed to end. Some people are lucky to find their one true love on their first try while many will go through many partners before finding the one they want to spend the rest of their life with. Some couples recognize that their relationship is coming to an end yet decide to stay together regardless of having no interest in the other. It's baffling but according to the confessions below, quite common. If you're in an unhappy relationship but are too afraid to call it quits, you may be able to relate to some of these.

Have fun while it lasts.

I love my boyfriend. He makes me incredibly happy but I know we'll break up eventually.
We just want different of lifestyles and I won't force him to compromise because I won't.

The first breakup is always the hardest.

I'm dating this girl but she's leaving for college so we both know we'll break up soon. I'm a girl and she's my first girlfriend


My boyfriend is really hot and charming but I know I'll break up with him because he's poor.

Free vacations are nice.

I cheated on my boyfriend because he wasn't giving me what I wanted in the relationship and now I'm going to break up with him. But not until after he takes me to Hawaii.

This is sweet.

I know for a fact, high school sweethearts don't last forever.  I act like they do, but I know we'll break up one day. But before then, I'll love her like I never loved anyone else.

As far as using people goes...

I was going to break up with my boyfriend, but due to cut backs I just lost my job. He is gladly working overtime to support us. I feel guilty but I'll dump him when I get a better job.