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The Scandalous Secrets These 16 People Would NEVER Say Out Loud
We all carry secrets. Some are more scandalous than others. These people admit that they have some secrets so crazy that they would be mortified if people knew about them. Read on to see what people are hiding. Who knows what the people in your life are keeping from you?

What's your secret?

That I am hung like a tic-tac and avoid relationships/ sex because of it.

Little do they know...

I have poor impulse control. I pick up hookers at least 3 times a week. 

I'm a married professional.

Sometimes you just need to feel accomplished.

I find cleaning my cats' ears and nails satisfying

So many germs.

I rarely wash my hands. Especially after using the toilet. I am female.

How does that even work?

I'm 25 and I haven't been on a date, I haven't kissed anyone and I've never had sex. However, I've had relationships.

Old habits really die hard.

I "sucked" my thumb until I was 23.