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Do You Know Who Is Reading Manga? Secret Confessions From Fans You'd NEVER Expect
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I come off as the well-grounded, good looking college business major but I have a little secret: I am a total anime and manga geek.
My secret: I'm secretly a huge nerd I love anime,manga, pokemon,yugioh,comics, super heroes. When I'm outside I live a completely different life
I'm a secret Anime/Manga/kpop nerd
I love my play station 3, my wii, my Xbox, my lap top. I love anime, manga, and cartoons. 
My secret: I'm a girl and 22 and none of my friends know cause they don't like any of it ><
Secret: I've never told a girl I've gone out with that I love anime and manga
My secret? I'm 18 and I draw cartoons for manga in Japan. Nobody but my family knows about it.