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Men Confess: This Is How I Really Feel About My Wife Going Through Menopause
When a woman hits menopause, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Moodiness, body changes and lack of sex drive are only a few things that happen when a woman hits this stage in her life. Boyfriends and husbands tend to feel the effects as well. It's not always easy when your life partner is going through some pretty serious changes. These men open up about how it really feels when their ladies reach this milestone.

Nobody wants to be lonely.

Haven't had sex with my wife in about 9 months. She went through very early menopause and just doesn't care about sex anymore. Sometimes I think about having an affair.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

All I want is sex and pizza. 
My wife is going through menopause and my oven is broken. 
My wife, whom I love, has lost her libido to menopause.
She's fine with an open relationship now. Damn, I love her.
I just got my medical marijuana card today. The doctor asked what my reason was. I said my wife is going through menopause and I need sedation to keep from leaving. He signed off immediately.
Last night during a discussion about sex my wife told me that due to menopause she just doesn't have a desire for sex and that if I wanted to have an affair go ahead. What now?

Hang in there, buddy.

Funny how a four minute conversation with your wife can send you into an absolute rage and give you a ground pounder headache. How long does menopause last??