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Hilariously Awkward Reactions People Had To Being Asked Out
When you're asked out, it's either a joyous or completely awkward moment. Even if it's a happy moment from a person you want to date, things can still get awkward there too! These people got asked out on dates and had the most awkward responses. These confessions show just how awkward getting asked out can really be.


A guy asked me out today and I very politely told him that I wasn't interested. He gets annoyed and goes "Is it because I'm black?" and I calmly and truthfully replied "No, it's because I'm a lesbian"

What a cute story!

One time, a guy asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said "yes". He then asked "who" and I said "you".
8 years and 2 kids later and I'm glad I was so cheesy!


Level of brokenness:

Someone asked me out and I replied with:

"Is this a joke?"

That's what they get for not asking in person!

Someone just asked me out over text, and I literally replied with "-_-" 

Heh I'm so nice

Fitness > dating

Man asked me out on a date. I replied 'sorry, Thursday is leg day'.

The Tinder jitters.

Used Tinder for the first time. Got a match & asked out to a bar. First time ever being asked out. 
Got so scared and nervous I said I was leaving the country soon and deleted my account. 😣 WTF is wrong with me!