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"Did Meth Once, Almost Died, And Am Now Too Scared To Try Again"
Special K isn't just a brand of cereal, just like how Molly isn't just a name. Everyone likes to have a good time, but we all know how teens like to try out new things, too. That's where drugs come in. But, not just any kind of drugs. Party drugs. MDMA, methamphetamine, and more, these are the Whispers from teenagers who've done the party drugs themselves.

Different people, different reactions.

My boyfriend and I took a bump of what we thought was speed and turned out to be special K. He feels awful and vomity. I feel delightful!
I accidentally took ketamin and passed out in a phone box crying about loreal adverts
I used to be addicted to ketamine, and I feel like it kinda messed up my mind

Be careful with what you put into your body.

My boyfriend is currently complaining about his kidneys hurting because of the shards in ketamine he sniffed. I have no sympathy. He shouldn't have done the dirty drug in the first place
1.5hrs, vitamin K & a Spanish chick

Woke up this morning to a bruised pelvis


Once, when I was drunk at a party, I heard someone talking about Special K. I thought they meant the cereal, so I enthusiastically asked for some. Ended up MESSED UP that night. 😆