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True Life: My Parent Is Transgendered
There is really no 'normal' way to grow up. Every family has their own quirks and special traits. When you are raised by a transgendered parent, this is especially true. It is certainly not the cookie cutter family dynamic that is portrayed on television. These confessions dive deep into what life is like when you have a transgendered parent. The answers may surprise you.

Love always trumps hate.

My mother is trans and I've heard death threats my whole life. I've tried hate, and it doesn't work. I would much rather spread love and acceptance.

How fun!

I taught my mom how to do her hair just like she taught me to shave and trim my face (: I love having a trans parent! It made it easier to transition (I came out first)


My dad is trans. I still want her to walk me down the aisle, both of us in dresses :)

Bullies suck.

My dad is trans...

I got bullied my whole life because of that.
My dad doesn't care tho :(

The time is now.

My dad is trans and she just came out 2 years ago because she said there is so much more acceptance than before.

Hmmm...wonder what happened here.

My dad is trans and because of the way he acts, I just can't support the trans community. Having to say that he's my dad has honestly destroyed my self-confidence and I refuse to let anyone into my life