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Women Tell All: This Is What I Do When I'm Hormonal
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I always want McDonald's when I'm hormonal.
There is a feminazi in me that only comes out when I'm hormonal.
When I'm hormonal because of my period (not.sure if it affects you the same way) i just tend to isolate myself and practice self care :) 
In any case, self care is important no matter what 😊
I don't bleed any more so it's hard to tell when I'm hormonal, but I think I'm hormonal now because I'm craving a lot of chocolate and/or ice cream
Why can't he just understand that when I'm hormonal and crampy and I'm a shitty mood it's not a good idea to try to rub on my ass. Ughh
So I started birth control 2 days ago.. I'm hormonal af and now I'm single. Apparently my bf can't handle me when I'm hormonal and emotional..