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17 Couples Who Decided To Call It Quits On Their Open Relationships
Welcome to the 21st century, where couples are expanding their horizons and allowing each other to sleep with other people via an "open relationship." Some will argue that this method is healthy and has only made a relationship stronger, allowing individuals to fill the needs that were not being met in their regular relationship. Often times, things don't quite turn out the way both parties expect it to and the thrill-seeking comes to a close. Would you allow your significant other to see other people?

It always works out better for one.

My ex wanted to be in an open relationship. We ended up breaking up because he was upset that I ended up getting more guys than he had girls.

All good things come to an end.

I'm making a decision to end this open relationship I have. Men are attractive, but no guy in this town is worth me taking time away from my partner. Time I may one day regret giving away.

Better you know now than later.

I thought I wanted an open relationship because it was right for my mentality and commitment. But it ends up i was just bored of my bf and needed someone better.

When it backfires...

My wife of 5 years left me for her gf of 2 months...
The open relationship was supposed to be the way for us to stay together...
Rather she had actually stabbed my heart, at least then I would know when this pain would end...


My husband told me he wanted to end our open relationship, that I am all he wants.


My ex and I had an open relationship
She started having feelings for the guy so I closed our relationship
She said she would end it ... She lied to me until I saw her again
I kicked her out

We all have our "things"

I agreed to close off my end of an open relationship while he still sees other girls because it turns me on that he wants me to himself.

Never mind.

I agreed to an open relationship once but we ended going back to the regular because he couldn't find anyone. 😅 I almost miss those days.

She works hard for the money.

I'm about to finally tell my boyfriend that the only reason we ended up in an open relationship was so I could continue making money escorting without hurting him.

Oooh the tea is hot.

My boyfriend and I were in an open relationship but it ended up not being our cup of tea. I hate how people are now using that as a platform to say how open relationships aren't healthy. They are healthy. It just wasn't for us.

When the regret kicks in...

I want to have an open relationship with my fiancé again because it gets really lonely when he's gone during the week but I don't know how to ask since I ended the open relationship last time

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Open Relationship: Fell for best friends girl, she fell back. We both agreed to end it today. I really wish we didn't have to...

That's rough.

I challenged my heart to try an open relationship. I love him and miss him. But I couldn't do it anymore. One of his girls was vindictive at the end. I want him back and want him to have never happened.

Decisions, decisions.

I closed an open relationship and regret it. She is beyond happy though. Should I just end it or try re-opening? I'm aware of my stupidity, seeking a solution.


He finally asked to turn our open relationship, exclusive. I don't know if I can stop sleeping with the other guy.


My secret: I wish I would have never tried having an "open relationship" in my marriage.   It sucks going back to closed. I feel horrible having these feelings.   Why can't I just be happy?


Today my open relationship is officially closed. We've found an amazing guy that makes our hearts all fluttery. Here's to giving the triad thing a go.

The guilt is too much.

I have had an open relationship with my husband. I told him I want to close it because I feel bad about what I have done.

Jealousy can ruin you.

My gf suggested an open relationship a week ago and then ended it today when I got multiple offers and she got none.


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