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15 Managers Reveal What It's Like To Lay Off An Entire Department
While being a manager or boss of a company definitely has it's perks, there's an unglamorous side to the responsibility. Part of it involves laying off employees. The longer they've worked there, the harder it is to see them go but at the end of the day, they're running a business and they have to do what's needed in order for the company to survive. Some managers and CEOs have a hard time letting people know that their immediate future is about to torn to pieces while others feed on the power trip. If you had to let someone go, what kind of manager would you be?

It's all business.

I've thrown up twice this morning because I have to lay off 3 people due to budget cuts. It makes me sick and it's not fair at all

For some, it's like peeling off a bandaid.

I'm the CEO of a moderately small business and on Friday I had to lay off 6 people. I thought I would feel bad about it but by the time lunch came around, I was fine.

Think of the greater good.

I had to lay-off two people today.  One is my cousin.  It sucks, but if I don't cut expenses everyone will lose their job.

It never gets easier.

I work for a children's non-profit organization but we are broke so we had to lay off 5 good staff and my heart is broken for them.

Absolute power corrupts.

Just had to lay off my first person at work today 

I felt so powerful I want to do it again

Mums the word.

Nobody knows I laid off two employees so I would get a bigger raise due to room in the budget.