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15 Reasons Why Customer Service Reps Have Had Enough Of Your Antics
When you're having an issue with your cable, phone or any other product in your life, customer service reps are there to help you with your issues. Sadly, these professionals deal with people during their most stressful moments. This usually ends with them seeing the worst side of people as they are treated with very little respect. These customer services reps reveal their horror stories from on the job. These confessions will remind you to be a little kinder to the person on the other end of the phone.

Heard that before!

I work as a customer service rep, and I absolutely hate people who call in and say: "I've been a customer for a long time you should.."

Little blessings.

I'm a customer service representative and I am so thankful for my mute button

Wow. So messed up.

I do customer service for a grocery store, the worst calls are the ones where the customer blames the "black" cashier for their mistake. I hate people.

Nice try!

When old men mistake good customer service for flirting

Old habits die hard.

I've worked in customer service for a year. Now every time someone says "thank you" I respond with "thank YOU" even to my friends and mom when I'm at home.... I guess "you're welcome" is not in my vocabulary anymore....

People are ridiculous.

I work in customer support, and I can say that the only reason we are grouchy is because most of our customers are SO STUPID! NO, you cannot return a BAG OF APPLES with 3 MISSING.