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These People Found Out They're A Transplant Match. Here's What Happened...
How do people feel the moment they learn that they have the opportunity to potentially save another life? While most people would jump at the chance, there are others who would have to think twice before making a decision. In these honest confessions, individuals reveal that they're a match for someone in need of a transplant. Here's why their reactions range from outright rejection to donating without hesitation.

Just because you're a match, doesn't mean you'll donate.

My sister needed a bone marrow transplant and I was a match. I refused to donate it to her because we had a bad relationship and she ended up dying.

You can't judge unless you know the whole story.

People judge me for not wanting to give my mom a transplant:
1. She wasn't in my life for 10 years.
2. She doesn't take care of herself... Why risk my health?

Decisions, decisions...

My ex wife needs a kidney transplant. I'm the only match but she cheated on me before our marriage ended. I don't know if I should still give it to her...

What can you do?

My dad needed a liver transplant. I was a match and could have given him half of mine.

He refused it.

If he doesn't want it, he doesn't want it.

Found out that my uncle has polycystic kidney and liver and needs a transplant. Turns out I'm the only family member who's a match to donate but he refuses to accept it from me:(

No sympathy.

My brother is a meth and heroin addict who is in the hospital for kidney failure. He needs a transplant, and I'm a match. I refuse to donate to him.