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"Homeschooling My 6-Year-Old Was The Worst Decision I've Ever Made!"
Public school isn't for everyone. But parents who homeschool their children are met with a number of challenges that range from judgement to struggles with balance. Here are the reasons why parents opted to homeschool. Also reasons why they regret it.

What is it like homeschooling your children?

If I have a kid, I'll homeschool them. The stress of school and the environment itself is just not very healthy, not in my experience anyways.
I homeschool my son. Not because I'm afraid of schools or because of religious reasons, but because I actually loved school and I'm excited to show him how awesome learning is.
After my son got sent home from preschool for the 6th time since October for bad behavior, I've decided to homeschool him. Say what you will, but I know my son and I know what's best for him
I plan to homeschool my child so we can travel together. The world will be his classroom.
My daughter wants to be a forensic pathologist. she got suspended for talking about the physics of blood spatter patterns at school. That's reason #57 why I homeschool.

How do you deal with judgment?

People complain about the multitude of problems with our public schools, but then bash me for planning to homeschool my own kids. The lack of logic... Also, it isn't your business.