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20 Bone Collectors Get Real About Their Unique Hobby
While some people collect shot glasses or figurines, some people collect more obscure things. For example, some people collect bones and skulls. While some people may turn their nose at the idea, these collectors have found a special place in their heart for their unique collections. Read on to learn more about this morbid hobby that makes these people feel so alive.

Everyone has their own collections.

I collect bones and make things out of them. I love the poetry of taking something dead and making it into something beautiful.

We all have our interests.

I collect bones and animals in jars. I dont think its creepy. I think its beautiful.


Saw a huge 10 pt buck hit & killed in the ditch, went back for it & someone else beat me to it. How redneck am I that I am now pissed off that someone swiped the roadkill I wanted???
I'm thinking about trying to dig up my first dogs burial sight and collect the bones for scientific and emotional reasons... It's been almost a decade, I think I should, I miss my pup...

Might as well make money off of it.

I collect bones and often make jewelry out of the small ones I find. I think I might start an Etsy page.

My friend surprised me  with a book called RoadKill Recipes I found some roadkill the other day I cooked it according to recipe and it was delicious i’m just not sure what to do with the bicycle