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Sleeping In College Is Overrated...But Is It Really?
Let's be honest, everybody in college is sleep deprived for one reason or another.

Since college I don't 'sleep' anymore. I take naps throughout the day and it's what keeps me going now.
Before I was in college I always wondered when college kids slept, with all the work they get and a job or something else they're involved in, now I'm in college and I understand we don't sleep 😩
I'm so tired, I put my phone passcode into the microwave. My pizza boiled tonight...
My freshman year of college, I accidentally overslept for a huge final and failed the class. Now I can never sleep through a school night without waking up multiple times with anxiety.
My insomnia has gotten worse since I came to college.

I don't sleep, just meander the campus at night like an under slept zombie.
I went on a date today and I was so tired I literally didn't notice I put on blue lipstick. #smurfette