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19 Trans Individuals Reveal Why They Are Fed Up With Deadnaming
A "deadname" is the name someone was given at birth that has since been changed. As a transgender individual, you don't want to be referred to as your deadname, but the new name you have chosen for your new identity. But not everyone is as willing to recognize the new name. These 19 trans people open up about how they feel when it comes to others deadnaming them. Here are their raw confessions.

Your name is an important part of your transition.

I kept the beginning of my deadname so it'd be easier to transition things like initials and writing it out.

This must be awkward.

I'm ftm, and both of my parents have my deadname tattooed on their bodies. Fml.

Sometimes you have to know when to let things go.

As a transmale, it hurts when I get called by my deadname but my elderly mom does it all the time and I don't have the heart to correct her.

Don't even ask.

I hate it when people ask my deadname. Nobody's entitled to know it.

The worst.

I hate being introduced to new people by my deadname!

The people in your life aren't so accepting.

I corrected my mother when she used my deadname, she said
"don't expect anyone to call you that, you're not a boy. You never will be."
I went upstairs and cried. I hate her so much.