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How Role Play Spices Things Up In The Bedroom For These Couples
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My husband and I role play once a month. We pretend that we're having an affair. I think it really spices up our marriage & keeps us young.

Why not?

Even though we are happily married, my husband and I role play as if we're strangers and with other people. 
It's hot.

That's quite the twist!

My wife and I role play Mad Men in the bedroom... but SHE'S Don Draper.


My husband and I
like to role play
as Joker and
Harley Quinn.

Great excuse to try something new.

Halloween is great for my husband and I because we get to spend time with our kids and after use our costumes for role play 🤗

Why not repeat the best night of your lives?

My husband and I role play our wedding night because it was the best night of our lives. I'll do my makeup and put my dress on and he'll put on his suit. It's romantic to be newly weds again..