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20 Men Set The Record Straight On What It's Like Being A Male Nurse
History and stereotypes have depicted nurses as female. This gender specific idea has been drilled into plenty of peoples minds over the years. Guess what? It's not 1950 anymore and men can be nurses too! In fact, PLENTY are! These confessions speak for themselves. Plenty of things expected, and unexpected, happen when you're a man who is also a nurse.

Such a bummer.

Im 23 and I love my profession of being a male nurse. 
The disappointment I see on my patients faces when I say I'm NOT their doctor is heartbreaking.


I don't get why being a "male nurse" is a joke. Like men are only allowed to work in healthcare if they're a doctor? Both career's make BANK!

What a beautiful way to look at that scenario.

I'm a male nurse and I work in hospice. Everyone says it's sad, but I'm honored to help people in their final weeks of life.

Move over Tinder!

I'm a male nurse and many of my patients try to set me up with their grand children! HA


As a male nurse, male doctors judge me for doing my job. I never understand why. I'm here to help and work together.


Being a male nurse is uncomfortable at times. Especially when old ladies get weird about me being their nurse.