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Sensually Steamy Interactions Between Nurses & Their Patients
Your nurse sees all your charts, knows all your history, and sometimes can't help but go all the way with you.

I'm an ER nurse but I used to be a phone sex operator. Today a patient said "that feels so good" when I put ice on his leg. I instinctively said "oh yeah, you like that, baby?" Oops!
I had a patient yesterday that was so hot I couldn't remember how to do my job. I've been a nurse forever too.... yes, I gave him his shot in the butt so I could look
I once walked in on a nurse giving my patient a bj.

I still haven't reported her, and never will.
I'm a nurse on an army base and I  had the same patient 4 days in a row.  Today that  patient admitted he would request to see me. We have a date tomorrow night.
I meet my boyfriend when I was in mental hospital, he work there as a nurse and I was a patient
I'm a student nurse, got a hot patient and I found it awkward to explain and collect the semen sample from him! Lol