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13 Women Who Are Proud To Be Unladylike
Are certain mannerisms and activities inherently "manly"? Women are constantly being judged on their femininity, but what characteristics are "unladylike"? These 13 women had a few choice words for those who called out their behaviors. Read their stories below.

Real MVP.

I wear rompers instead of dresses in the summer because I'm not ladylike enough to automatically close my legs when I sit

Ya, mom.

My mom used to tell me it was unladylike to walk around the house butt naked. But I have my own place now, so. 

What's up, mom.

Do what you gotta do!

I don't care how unladylike it is, I will freely pick a wedgie in public

Drink up!

I love drinking milk out of the carton. There's something "unladylike" about it but it's so cool

Oh snap!

Person: That's not very ladylike of you
Me: You know what's not ladylike?...Being a sexist

Don't tell me how to live my life!

If you tell me to close my legs because it's not ladylike I will most definitely open my legs up wider than I had them before.