Got my Botox injections today and I have a bruise on my forehead now. Oh the length I go to, to just try and feel better when dealing with migraines....
It's truly the worst.

It fixes more than wrinkles.

Botox saved me.  Daily migraines, unable to function and I was missing work. Started Botox injections and no more daily headaches. Such a miracle.

So upsetting.

I've tried Botox. I was on it for a full year without any change in my migraines. I feel so helpless. I don't know what I'll do now.

Little do they know...

I find it funny that people think the bruise on my shoulder is a hickey. It's not. It's from my Botox injections for my migraines.


Botox changed my life. I had a headache for 10 years and 2-3x a week. It'd get so bad, I'd go to the hospital. I've had maybe 5 migraines in 2 years since Botox. I am so grateful.

Sometimes it takes a lot to get results.

Got my Botox shots today for my migraines. Being poked all over my forehead, neck, and the back of my head isn't fun. However, I'd take it over having chronic migraines any day!