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Men Reveal The Biggest Misconceptions Women Have About Them
When it comes to men or women, there are certain perceptions about each sex that are perpetuated by society. These are typically sweeping generalizations about a population that don't always apply to everyone in the group, as these men show. Follow along as they challenge the biggest misconceptions women have about the male sex. Think all guys are the same? Think again.

Certain men have had to teach themselves the elements of growing up.

I wish women knew how hard it was teaching yourself to be a man, instead of being raised by one. Sorry I'm not the man you want, I'm still teaching myself to be the man I need to be.

There are boundaries men must not cross in order to be considered "ideal".

Being a good man is hard. You must be sensitive but not emotional. You must be strong but not hard. You must be kind but not weak. You must listen but not solve. I wish women knew how difficult it is.

Sex isn't the only thing on their mind...

Women think that we men have a 1 track mind, and that track is always sex. Not true. I have a 5 track mind where 4 of the destinations are always changing and just 1 is sex. See? ha!

They are loyal creatures.

Girls always say "men are dogs", but don't realize that dogs can be loyal as hell if treated right..

This is a common misconception.

Women think us guys just want sex. Well no,  not all of us do. You're just talking to the wrong guys...

A little something in return would be nice.

I wish some women knew that men like romance and passion too! I give and get nothing back!!