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21 Costco Employees On What They Wish Members Knew
Don't let the membership get to your head.

I hate working at costco. Been there 10+ years and it's a joke. Managers are complete morons. No one knows how to treat employees.people get away with theft.
Working at costco today. It's rough but fun.
Do y'all feel like there is a major lack of communication in your place of employment? I work for costco wholesale and its ridiculous how little communication we have. I'm just curious if it is this bad elsewhere
So over working at Costco today so many people
I use to manage 2 millions of business... now working at Costco and 18 year old kids are telling me how to fill a basket and talk to customers, they don't know what I use to do.. it's funny :)
I hate working at costco because the people there over rely on you. Wish my mom would let me quit. Are we are also short staffed.