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21 Strange Cravings Women Have On Their Periods
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No? Ok then...

Any other women crave beef jerky or steak when on period? I do.

Cartoon food can be just as appetizing.

You know, it's a bit sad when you're on your period watching spongebob then you actually crave a krabby patty. Sure, its just a burger but still, I've never looked at one that way before.

The tell-tale sign.

My bf knows when I’m on my period. How? It’s the only time I ever crave Oreos and lots of it.

Something crunchy is nice to have around.

I crave ice when I'm on period. I never do any other time.

The trifecta.

You know you’re on your period when all you crave is chocolate, peanut butter, and booze.

The primal urges come through.

I don’t understand why I get so turned on when I’m in my period. Like I crave sex while I’m menstruating.