No one likes a know-it-all.

I hate when cis people start explaining to me trans terminology and facts. Like, I know better than you what being trans is. And most of the time the info they have is wrong and out dated.

It's becoming a thing.

I don't hate them as a group, but certain individual cisgender men irk me.

No shame.

I hate cisgender men with a passion. Does that make me prejudice? Yes. Do I care? Not really.

The worst.

I hate cisgender, heterosexual, white men. They think they're entitled to everything, especially women.

Ooh there ain't no other way, baby I was born this way.

I absolutely hate when cisgender people ask me why I would want to be transgender. I don't want to. I just am. Gender is not a choice.

Think of the children.

It's not that I hate straight and cisgender people... I just don't really approve of that lifestyle, and I don't want it around my kids.