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Dating A Drug Addict: Do You Stay Or Do You Go?
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There's only so much you can do.

My boyfriend is a drug addict and I don't know how to help anymore. I know he loves me, but I can't take it

You never know.

My girlfriend is a drug addict and I'm a recovering addict. I'm scared our relationship will fall apart once she gets her life in order.

It hurts deeply.

I am nine months pregnant and my boyfriend is a drug addict & has been using those dating apps to talk to strangers. He hasnt cheated, but it still makes me feel inferior.

Leaving isn't always easy.

My girlfriend.. Soon to be ex girlfriend is a drug addict who disappears for days at a time. I'm so desperate to get out of my situation but lack of money is stopping me

You can't stop.

My boyfriend is a drug addict. It's so hard. But I can't give up

That's the big question.

My girlfriend is a drug addict. I love her but is love enough to save her? Can you love an addict out of addiction and in to sobriety?