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These Exes Finally Got The Apology They Were Waiting For... Years Later
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That's the end of that.

After two years, my ex and I apologized to each other for how things ended. I can finally close that chapter.

No big deal.

My ex boyfriend finally apologized for breaking my heart and giving me trust issues. And it only took... 2 years.

It can be hard to process.

My ex cheated on me and after two years he finally apologized. I don't know how to feel, but I think it feels good

Sometimes you have to go through it yourself to understand.

My ex of almost 3 years finally opened up to me about how his current gf cheated on him. He apologized and told me he now understands the pain that I felt all that time ago..

Good to hear.

After years my ex finally apologized for being awful to me. I’d forgiven him a while ago but it was nice to hear. He’s finally in a much better place & I’m happy for him.

The waiting finally paid off.

Last night I had a 3 hour long conversation with my ex boyfriend and he finally apologized for doing what he did. I've waited 2 years to hear "I'm sorry" from him.