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"My Parents Sent Me To Boarding School Because I Got Pregnant..."
Can you imagine your parents sending you away to school? Without the prying eye of your parents, how would you act? These kids prove that things can get crazy.

People go to boarding school for different reasons. Like getting away from their family...

I told my family I wanted to go to boarding school across the country. 

It was to get away from my stepmom.
My mom doesn't know that I chose to go to boarding school to run away from her always complaining and because of constant family issues.

Or getting away from temptation...

When my mom found out I was lesbian She sent me to a boarding school. How clever! Send me to live with over 500 girls locked in a building!

Or pregnancy.

My Secret: 
The reason why my parents sent me to boarding school for a year is because I got pregnant. No one knows.

And once they get there, things get crazy.

My parents don't want me to be vegan. But I believe in it, so while I'm at boarding school I eat a vegan diet. Every time they see me they comment on how healthy I look :)

Some schoolers party hard...

Boarding school. We're basically just a bunch of overprivileged, under-parented trust fund brats showing off, partying and sleeping with each other seven nights a week.