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19 Shocking Bed Bug Horror Stories
There's nothing that strikes fear in people quite like the news of bed bugs. These insects may be little, but they wreak havoc on people's homes and bodies. This leaves many people with no other option than to destroy their personal belongings. While bed bugs are bad enough, there are some infestations that are so terrible that it's on another level. Read on as these individuals open up about their bed bug horror stories.

So much for good deeds.

My house has had a bed bug infestation for two years because we let someone sleep on our sofa for a month and he knowingly brought them in to our house and we can't afford the bill to get rid of them.

The bites are the worst.

I have a bedbug infestation. Today I counted 54 bites on my body. Stripped my bed, washed it all & sprayed my mattress. Let's hope I won't have to buy a new one.

Who lives like that?

I'm in hell; my mom is a bad hoarder-she hid how bad it was...until now.She found a bed bug infestation so now we're stuck going through 30 years of crap and hauling it all to the dump.

It never ends.

I've had 3 bed bug infestations in 6 months because the building manager refuses to treat the entire building all at once. They keep spreading back and forth between apartments. Ugh.

It's making you go crazy.

We grew up poor, so we got our clothes from pantries.
One time we had a bedbug infestation.
I started hearing voices because of the lack of sleep.


3 weeks into my bedbug infestation and I look diseased. My landlord won't do anything.