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My Relationship May Be Complicated But Here's Why It Works
On top of all the great things a partner adds to your life, being in a relationship takes a lot of effort and work. Typically when things get complicated it means that it's not working out. For these couples, they are blissfully aware of their complicated unions and wouldn't change it for the world. Read on to see how these nonconventional pairings are thriving despite their unique quirks. What's a 'normal' relationship anyway?

To each their own.

I dated a guy for a year, we broke up and stayed as friends but then we became fwb. It sounds complicated but it works for us

Will flexible relationships be the new trend?

My boyfriend and I have what we call a "flexible" relationship. It's not quite open...it's complicated. There's a lot of grey area, but we honestly are happiest this way.

You knew what you were signing up for.

My boyfriend and I both believe in Polyamory. We knew this going in and we have no problem maintaining a relationship while seeing other people. Why limit ourselves?

Honesty is the best policy.

I've had a boyfriend for 2 years, but also have a kind-of girlfriend. He knows about it, and approves. She likes him, but loves me. It's a weird situation, but we're all on the same page.

There's more than one way to love.

I've always had a preference for women over men. My boyfriend of a few years doesn't mind, & doesn't mind me having a girlfriend also. He also doesn't expect me to share either. It works great for us.


People say forever, but they never mean it. That's why me and my boyfriend always say, "for as long as we last!"
My female friends say it sounds cold and weird, but me and my boyfriend get each other.