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Gay Men Share The Beautiful Reasons Why They Accept Themselves
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I'm a guy who spent half my life struggling with my sexuality. Now that I've accepted myself as gay I'm much more comfortable in my own skin.
Yes I'm gay and yes I'm embracing it. I have accepted what I think matters in my life and I own my happiness.
This year is the first time I've accepted myself and opened up as gay. I was extremely nervous to do it but I'm so happy to see how far I've come.
At this very moment, after coming out 3 years ago, I've finally accepted myself for who I am. 
I'm gay.
I'm proud of who I am.
I have finally " accepted" myself as gay. Now I can't wait to see what's in store for me in the future!
I didn't choose to be gay. Though, I did choose to accept myself for who I love.