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14 Amazing Acts Of Sisterly Love
A sister is a best friend you're born with

My sister doesn't know it yet but when she begins treatment for her cancer I will be shaving my hair off for her
Found out that my sister can't have kids. Today I told her I would be her surrogate.
I bought my little sister her first dress today. She's going on her first date with a guy this week. I loved her when she was Nick and I love her still as Nikki
I'm a teacher at my sister's school.
My favorite thing to do is give detentions out to her bullies :)
She dropped out of high school to replace a bad mother, and she raised me along with 4 other kids that she had down the road. She took care of me for over 12 years.
My lil sis gets bullied a lot so I took her shopping and gave her a makeover.. Monday she's going to walk in that school looking like a super model 😏