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16 Private Thoughts From Sex Workers
Have you ever wondered what it's like being a sex worker? What leads a person down that road? How do they handle selling their body? What goes on in their head? These 16 sex workers are answering these questions and more. Find out what they're really thinking on the job.

Find out what sex workers really think about their job, clients and more.

You call me a prostitute. I call myself a startup CEO.
I'm very quiet and shy. I think it would shock people to know that I'm a prostitute
My secret. I am a prostitute and i once had one of my former teachers as a customer
I'm a prostitute and charge very cheap for quality sessions. 

Don't tell my mum!

There are different reasons for doing it.

When people find out that I'm a prostitute they think something horrible happened to me. I like it, good money, good sex , never had a std or gotten pregnant. Only reason it's illegal is because it goes against most peoples morals.
I used to be a stripper when I was younger , now I'm a prostitute