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14 People Reveal The Rudest Dates They've Ever Experienced
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Whoa there.

Had a date last night with the rudest girl I've ever met. 
After the date I went back to her place and her ex boyfriend showed up. They argued on the porch for an hour while I watched TV.


I went on a first date with a guy who just used dinner to tell me everything he thought was wrong with me. Wow... Can't wait to forget the last few hours of my life.

Not cool.

The rudest thing someone ever said to me on a date was "you're paying right?". I couldn't believe it.

Rudeness all around.

I once gave this girl a chance and took her on a first date. Worst. Date. Ever. She was so rude to me and everyone else the whole time. #Awful

The staff is the real MVP.

I left mid-date because the guy was flirting with every girl and started being very rude to me. The wait staff encouraged/helped me leave.

Always remember.

I teased and made out with my date until he was almost there...then I left. He shouldn't have been rude to me in middle school. 😏😏😏