Moms deserve all the love.

I truly regret being such a brat to my mom. She never deserved how mean I was to her.

Too real.

Never asking for help even when I really needed it, it's a hard habit to break now

Amen to that.

I regret letting people tell me who to be. The best part about being older is truly knowing who you are!

Always better to spread the love instead.

My regret? I bullied. I didn't do it a lot,  but I did it and I regret it. I was bullied my whole life so when I got the chance to be superior I took it. I would take it back in a second

Too little too late.

I regret not seeing my Grandad in hospital before he died. I was too scared to see him like that. I was scared and naive. I regret that so much.


I killed a baby bird when i was 12. I still regret.