A fashion fail indeed.

I shaved my eyebrow off on one side when I was a kid. I'm 18 now and it still hasn't grown back yet. Biggest mistake ever.

So heartbreaking.

I deeply regret not fully appreciating my dad and what he did for us when I was young. He passed when I was 17.

No better time than the present to live life YOUR way.

I wish I wasn't so shy in my childhood. Now that I'm outgoing and social, I know I missed out on so many great memories and experiences.


I lied all the time as a kid. I was a pathological liar. I’m not talking about “she did it, not me” types of lies. I’m talking full on elaborate tales of fiction that I spun as real. I framed people. I wish I never did that.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have lost my virginity to a complete jerk. Being a teenager really sucked.

So scary.

I really regret trying drugs at such a young age. I can't help but think it has contributed to my mental and overall health as an adult.