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True Life: What It's Really Like To Be An Investment Banker
Investment banking is usually done by private companies to provide revenue support to people and big corporations. They also help with stock performance, equity security, FICC services and more. If you've seen the movie "The Wolf Of Wall street," you probably have a particular image in mind of what investment bankers actually do. So, is it true or false? These confessions will set the record straight on what being an investment banker is really like.

Sometimes you just never know.

Everyone thinks I'm a powerful business man, which I am. I'm an investment banker. What no one knows is that I'm secretly bisexual and a virgin at 24 years old. I'm miserable.


•Trading was halted at the New York Stock Exchange because of a technical issue: "Have you tried giving it Cocaine"? 
Asked every other investment banker…

Probably not the best reason to choose a career.

I became an investment banker to attract women. So far, it's not working as well as I planned.


I'm an investment banker, but I've got a poor credit score...

Life on the road doesn't have to be lonely.

I travel a lot for work as an investment banker. I have a lot of hook ups on the road. I love my life.

Screw that!

My friends think I became an investment banker because I love money. TBH, I did it because my mom is against it. She always said I should have a "feminine job."